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Materiallisten/Materials List EN Drucken E-Mail
Here are the lists with all the necessary materials, tools and accessories that are needed to complete the individual classes.
Please make sure to bring all the items on the list to guarantee that the workshops can run as smoothly as possible. If you have trouble to find something on the list, please let us know and we try to help you getting it.

We will be working with Kato Polyclay.
The basic amount of clay needed for all the classes will be sponsored.

Basic tools (needed in all classes)

• Pasta Machine Work surface Acrylic roller Ceramic tile (~10 x 10 cm, not larger!)
• Clay blades (rigid and flexible)
• Scalpel (new and sharp)
• Needle Tool
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pencil
• CA glue / Super glue
• Paper towels
• Baby wipes
• Old dish towel
• Bowl for water (sanding)
• Deli/parchment paper or baking paper  

Donna's class
• Colored pencils (soft lead type, not too hard): various shades of yellow and green, white, black
• Fine needle Metal bowl (10-12 cm diameter, http://prairiecraft.com/kato/PHA-4.html)
  (You can't use a light bulb as curing will be done INIDE the bowl to get a concave shape)
• Round cutters: 5cm, 4cm, 3cm, 2.5cm, 1.5cm
• Medium grit sanding sponge
• Clay Yo! Texture sheet - finest (http://clayyo.com/userimages/procart2.htm)  
  (If you don't have those or have trouble to get them, Bettina will bring sets to buy)
• Wire cutters - real ones, not jewelry cutters
• Memory wire (15cm)
• Hand drill and 2 and 3 mm bits (https://goo.gl/7yeMf6)

• Metal sculpture tool (I use the spoon shaped one)
• Pin Back
• Forceps if you have them  

Bettina's class
• Cylindrical baking mold/Soda can (~7 cm in diameter, min. height 8 cm, max. height 11 cm)
• Round cookie cutter (2,5 cm/1 inch)
• Hand drill with 1 and 4 mm drill bits (https://goo.gl/7yeMf6)

• Sponge (like the ones you use to do the dishes, https://goo.gl/f8FtX2)
• Texture sponge fine and medium, like Clay-Yo (http://clayyo.com/userimages/procart2.htm)
 (If you don't have those or have trouble to get them, Bettina will bring sets to buy)
• Deep cut textures (if you have)
• Sanding sponge or paper, coarse grit (ca. 100-120 grit)
• Wet-Sanding paper 400 to 1500 grit 

Leslie's class
Basic tools (see above)

Connie's class
• Wet/dry sandpaper in 120, 240, 400, 600 grit
• 10 metal knitting needles for socks (double point, they will go into the oven), No. 2,5 or 2,75 (Germany) or No. 12 (UK) or No. 2 (USA), 20 cm/8 inches long if possible. 15 cm/6 inches will do, but it is easier to work with longer needles) We won’t damage the needles, they will still be good for knitting.
• Small selection of shallow texture sheets like netting, linen, coarse sandpaper, place mats, textured wallpaper, sponges or Kor tools
• Small spray bottle (mini mister)
• Ripple blade: wavy or zick-zack
• Palette knife or flat backed sculpting tool for backfilling
• Nail file 100/180 grit (classic black nail file)
• A few sheets of squared paper (DIN A4 or similar)
• Embossing Powder: black and a colour of your choice
• Brooch pin or pin back about 3,8 cm wide#
• Optional: Renaissance wax if you like a more shiny finish

Olga's class
• 20 g Ultralight Sculpey Clay

• Alcohol
• Dry pastels 

• Gold pearlex

• Permanent black marker

• Metal knitting needle or small tube to smooth the clay

• Hand drill and thin drill bits (0.8 to 1.5 mm)

• Little glass container for alcohol

• Little steel brush or brass brush 

• Cutting pliers (side cutters)

• Medium size soft flat paintbrush 

• Small soft round paintbrush

• Regular paper

• 10 cm of black plated copper wire 20 ga (0.9 mm)
• Hair dryer (at least 4 per group)

• Nail files 80 grit (kit fee : 1,50€)

• Coarse dry sanding paper or plasterer's grit (kit fee : 2,00€)